What is Bright?

Bright is a Referral Network

Bright is a network that promises to help your business reach new heights - but with a difference. In a relaxed and informal environment, businesses can build genuine relationships without the stuffy, corporate formalities.

The results have been consistently excellent, with our members enjoying a wider client base and an increase in profits - all for an incredibly low price.

  • Get great value for money

    With hugely reasonable joining fees and monthly costs, joining Bright Group won't break the bank.

  • Gain clients

    Members of the group can pass on referrals to friends and family - in this way prospects hear about your business from trusted sources.

  • Gain helpful advice from experienced business-owners

    Practice giving presentations and delivering sales pitches and other members will offer feedback on what they think you could do to move your business forward.

  • Form excellent business relationships

    With only 1 business per profession, you can stay ahead of the competition. - A relaxed and informal atmosphere ensures that genuine relationships are formed.

We meet at the Cheese & Grain in Frome.

Heading down Bath Street towards the center of Frome, take the left turn just before the Frome Museum.